Volume 3, Article 6

Outdoor Sandplay: Using Jungian Inspired Sandplay Therapy in an Ecotherapy Session
Joshua Mangin and Rebecca Edelman

Citation: Mangin, J., & Edelman, R. (2023). Outdoor sandplay: Using Jungian inspired sandplay therapy in an ecotherapy session. Journal of Ecopsychology, 3, 6, 1-4.

Processing dates: Submitted 9th May 2023; Re-submitted: 30 July 2023; Accepted: 8th August 2023; Published 19th December 2023

Volume 3, Article 6


Using sand to tell stories has a long expansive history. Sandplay is a frequently used therapeutic modality to address a variety of presenting concerns. However, there is a lack of emphasis on incorporating sandplay within outdoor sessions. The purpose of this paper is to describe a Jungian inspired sandplay therapy technique that can be integrated in an ecotherapy session. This paper will provide a brief introduction on the therapeutic use of sandplay, and suggestions of how this technique can be utilized by ecopsychology practitioners.

Keywords: sandplay, ecotherapy, play therapy, ecopsychology, temenos


Joshua Mangin is with the University of Southern Maine, 96 Falmouth St, Portland, ME 04103, USA

Dr Rebecca Edelmann is with Husson University, 1 College Cir, Bangor, ME 04401, USA