Volume 1, Article 5

Not Only Green and Blue: Defining the Potential of Red Nature to Improve Wellbeing
Yasuhiro Kotera, Hou Tin Gillian Liu and Katy J. Chamberlain

Citation: Kotera, Y., Liu, G. H. T., & Chamberlain, K. J. (2021). Not Only Green and Blue: Defining the Potential of Red Nature to Improve Wellbeing. Journal of Ecopsychology, 1, 5, 1-6. https://joe.nationalwellbeingservice.com/volumes/volume-1-2021/volume-1-article-5

Processing dates: Submitted 3rd December 2021; Resubmitted 10th December 2021; Accepted 10th December 2021; Published: 20th December 2021

Volume 1, Article 5


While wellbeing research about green and blue nature has been advanced in recent years, other types of nature remain to be evaluated. One of them relates to volcanoes, which we refer to as ‘red nature’. In this short paper, we reflect on the nature studies and how nature improves our wellbeing, define red nature and discuss positive impacts of it. Though access to red nature may be difficult in some areas of the world, the wellbeing impact of red nature needs to be empirically evaluated in rigorous study designs. Aside from wellbeing, better understanding the psychological connection to red nature can inform future hazard communication. As the wellbeing is a global concern today, understanding of more inclusive nature, not limited to green and blue, can offer helpful wellbeing insights to people in
these regions.

Keywords: red nature; wellbeing; volcanoes; biodiversity; access


Yasuhiro Kotera PhD, is an Associate Professor for mental health at the University of Nottingham. He is also an Accredited Psychotherapist, working with clients with diverse backgrounds. His research focuses on mental health, cross-culture and self-compassion.


Gillian H T Liu is an MSc Psychology graduate at the University of Derby. Her research areas includes gender, cross-culture and wellbeing. She conducts research to support allied health professionals and mental health workers.

Katy J. Chamberlain PhD, is a volcanologist and petrologist at the University of Derby. She has studied the geological deposits of volcanic systems across the world, and looks to understand the subsurface processes that ultimately lead to volcanic eruptions.