Launch of new publication: Journal of Ecopsychology

A photo shot by the Editor, Prof Stephen Palmer, when taking some Green Exercise in the Kent countryside

Today, on 4th March 2021, on Climate Coaching Action Day, the National Wellbeing Service Ltd launched its latest publication, the Journal of Ecopsychology.

The Journal of Ecopsychology (JoE) is a peer reviewed journal. We publish theory, research, philosophy and practice articles on all aspects of ecopsychology.

The Journal of Ecopsychology editorial team invite papers on the theory, research, philosophy and practice of Ecopsychology. This includes papers on the Biophilia hypothesis, Biophilic building and office design, Biophilic Cities, climate coaching, eco-wellbeing, eco-health, human-nature relationship, climate crisis, shinrin yoku, green and blue exercise research, and other areas that can be informed by Ecopsychology. Articles on environmental psychology are also invited.

Editorials are written by the editors on topics of general interest or journal policy. Perspectives, leading articles, invited papers and keynote speeches maybe commissioned from experts in the ecosychology and applied fields. We welcome research and discussion papers, brief reports, short papers on techniques, book reviews and conference reports.

Journal Editor, Professor Stephen Palmer PhD, a chartered biologist and psychologist said: “Ecopsychology is a fast developing field bringing together research from diverse domains such as green and blue exercise, ecotherapy and ecocoaching, to Biophilic office design and shinrin yoku. Our new publication, the Journal of Ecopsychology, will provide an outlet for practitioners, researchers and theorists to share their work and ideas with a wider audience. The journal will have experts from different fields on our editorial board to ensure we can peer review papers on a wide range of topics relating to ecopsychology. The team are looking forward to receiving papers.”