The Journal of Ecopsychology (JoE) is a peer reviewed journal launched in 2021.

The Journal of Ecopsychology editorial team invite papers on the theory, research, philosophy and practice of Ecopsychology. This includes papers on the human-nature relationship, Biophilia hypothesis, Biophilic building and office design, Biophilic Cities, Attention Restoration Theory, nature connectedness, nature walks, climate coaching, nature powered coaching, eco-wellbeing, eco-health, climate crisis, shinrin yoku, forest therapy, unsettling ecopsychology practice, green and blue exercise and space research, improving wellbeing through urban nature, virtual reality and other areas that can be informed by Ecopsychology. Articles on conservation, nature-based solutions, nature networks environmental and positive psychology are also invited.

Editorials are written by the editors on topics of general interest or journal policy. Our first editorial, Ecopsychology and Beyond: An appreciation of our relationship with Nature, provides an introduction to the journal. We welcome research and discussion papers, brief reports, short papers on techniques, book reviews and conference reports. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Prof Stephen Palmer PhD